2020 Registration Is Open!

How exciting! Despite quarantine, we are going to have Ch21Con, and it is going to be online, naturally. Registration is open for July 25, and the information is all right here. You can also register for Ch1Con, of course, if you’re under age 21.

We are pleased to announce that Chapter Twenty-One (and One) Conference will be held this July 25th as a 100% online event.

We are obviously sad that we cannot have our conference this year in person. Ch21Con was created as a way to bring a vibrant online community of young writers out into the real world for a weekend of togetherness, eye-contact, and awkward geekery. It has been absolutely devastating for us to cancel this IRL event for the first time since 2012. The team is scattered all across the country, and we miss each other just as much as we miss all of you. However, more than anything, we want to keep our community healthy and safe. And, no matter what, the show will go on…perhaps with a few more technical difficulties than usual.

At this digital Ch21Con, speakers will give presentations via video conferencing (details on platform coming soon). Giveaway items will be mailed to your listed address, along with a care package of swag and other writerly goodies.

We will also be opening a forum that will allow attendees to chat, share their work, and collaborate on writing exercises. Our speakers will take questions and encourage participation from those online, and we will all do our best to make you feel as if we’re physically together.

Attendance is open to any writers who will be between the ages of 21 and 29 by this July 25th. (For those who are younger, be sure to register for Ch1Con- links below)!

Register now at our New Attendee rate of $50* (lunch not included)!

Ch1Con Youth Registration Link

Ch1Con 18-20 Registration Link

Ch21Con Registration Link

*if you are a past attendee of the conferences, you are eligible for a discounted rate. You should have received an e-mail to this effect, but if you did not please contact us here.

Now, for the more typical, ~precedented~ FAQs…

Interested in who this year’s speakers are? Keep an eye on the blog, because we’ll be announcing the speakers very soon! (And, as usual, registered attendees will get a sneak peek via e-mail!)

Curious what’s going on with Ch1Camp this year? Once again, updates on that are soon to come. We have some very exciting plans for free online events in the works.

As usual, spots are limited to attend the conference, so make sure to register before they’re gone!

If you can’t make it to the conference but still want to support us, we have a patreon now!

We’re so excited for the 2020 conference (and hope you are too)! See you (virtually) in July!


The Ch21Con team


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